Araz Trading Company has a long, successful and brilliant track record in sesame products all over the world .The company aims to promote health and nutrition, as well as to preserve the authenticity of ancient food traditions and create new patterns in the country’s food industry.

The company has been supplying and selling Tahini maker machinery, as well as lubrication machines, in order to create employment and set up manufacturing workshops and start-up businesses.

Sesame is one of the oldest oilseeds known to date. Sesame is high in protein and rich in sulfuric amino acids, vitamins B, A, D and lecithin with an oil content of about 50%. Organic and natural flavors and tastes are tailored to the tastes of our customers. Identifying the needs of the community, producing and delivering orders internationally in the best and ultimately the highest level of customer satisfaction are the company’s achievements.

Araz Group has extensive activity in exporting to Gulf countries, CIS, East Asia, South Africa, Turkey, Iraq and other countries